Interior Painting

From new construction to custom homes, foyers to laundry rooms, master bedrooms to bathrooms… my painting service provides customers with detailed estimates. The estimates explain what’s to be painted in each room(s). Thinking about painting just the ceiling and crown molding, doors and jams, base trim or casing?…I’ll custom paint to your needs!

Every painting project starts with prepping the room to be painted, by moving and storing personal and valued items. Then I move and tarp the heavy and personal items using special sheets. Floors are covered to the tee! Repairs are made… cracks are screwed tight to the studs, holes are patched and gap along trim caulked. Walls are then hand sanded, cut in and rolled twice. Customers have to remember my prices reflect the current conditions…not all painting surfaces are the same. At the end of the day all equipment and rooms are put back together and floors vacuumed. I can attest that I leave your home cleaner then when we found it!

Exterior Painting

My custom exterior painting service includes detailed estimates and worry-free service. Like interior painting, preparation is the #1 factor in making sure your investment lasts for years! Paint failure is always due to poorly prepared surfaces. If you take the cheapest bid, you’re most likely going to be repainting in a few years. Trusheim Painting provides superior preparation and products! Explained best…”The cheap always comes out EXPENSIVE”! My expertise of over 15 years painting experience results in the same message year after year: “do the job right or don’t do it at all.”

Most jobs start by a biodegradable, mold and algae removal process, with a Soft Rinse House Washing. No other painting company in the central New Jersey area offers this service. The days of blasting a house with high pressure are over. Preparation with new technology and detergents is vital prior to exterior staining or painting. Repairs are made, holes patched and gaps along trim and windows caulked, then areas in need are sanded. Bare areas are oil primed, protecting substrates from bleeding and tannins from extracting. Surfaces are now ready for painting or staining. Product application (brushed, rolled or high-volume, low-pressure spraying) depends on many considerations. All are done with years of expertise…and with the same end results. Good prep, products and application, and your home is the talk of the neighborhood, at a small cost for a large investment.