Roof Cleaning

One out of 2 roof replacements are because of the appearance of roof mold and stains. Roof shingle replacement can be avoided! Roof shingle care can prevent the spread of black mold spores and algae.

Replacement or routine shingle care?

Roof mold, lichen, mildew and algae cause black streaks on roofs and can result in premature asphalt shingle failure! Roof cleaning is essential to your home maintenance! Roof replacements can cost over $10,000. Trusheim Painting now offers a roof mold and stain cleaning service for a fraction of the cost of a new roof!

Roof Cleaning and Home Owner Associations/Insurance.

Insurance companies can inspect roof shingle conditions (roof algae, black mold streaks, stains, moss and mildew). Notices from Home Owner Associations requiring roof algae removal or shingle roof cleaning have sky-rocketed since 2005. Unlike the HOA, (who’s concern is aesthetic) insurance company actions reflect the risk of roof or shingle failure which leads to damage, and the spread of roof mold spores inside the home. Also, attic heat can increase (black mold/summer sun) up to 20%.

Are you trying to selling your house with mold stains?

Use my No Pressure Roof Cleaning Service to remove roof mold stains, add curb appeal and protect property value. Don’t let some fly-by-night contractor using a pressure washer and blasting the shingles right off your roof. Contact me for a Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Maintenance Solutions for roofs after the initial cleaning.

I offer special advice to homeowners about ways to keep those ugly stains from ever appearing again. These low cost solutions can help you save money. Ask Kevin Today!

The Best Choice.

Kevin’s No-Pressure Roof Cleaning is the only way to clean a Roof, it’s an instant cleaning, once sprayed, as in the recommendation of THE ASPHALT ROOFING MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION. All other methods, are the wrong way!